Rahul Raman at the Global Summit on Process Safety

By - Kaypear
17.12.21 02:32 AM

Solving Process Safety Issues with CHEF Calculation Aid

Chemical Hazard Engineering Fundamentals Screening Tool published by Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) [CHEF TOOL LINK] can be used as a risk screening tool for a variety of situations for example, initial project design (FEL-1), Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis facilitation, or during a Process Safety audit process. The CHEF calculation aid requires minimal inputs which are easy to obtain where Process Safety Information is unavailable or not maintained properly. The CHEF calculation aid has source models, vapor dispersion, explosion, and impact assessments that can be done using an excel file. The file is free and available for download from the CCPS website. This paper explores the versatile use of the CHEF calculation aid in addressing Asset Integrity and Reliability of an internal coil at a petrochemical facility and validation of Process Safety Information during the Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis process.

The slide deck can be obtained clicking here and the extended abstract can be obtained by clicking here. If you want to know more about the CHEF calculation aid, click on the contact us button below to get you started!