ARSST (Advanced Reactive System Screening Tool)

"To enhance reactivity hazard evaluation, Kaypear Engineering has established an ARSST testing facility at its head quarters"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ARSST?

ARSST is a low thermal-inertia calorimeter. The data obtained from the calorimeter does not require scale up or correction of thermal inertia. 

What are the uses of ARSST data?

ARSST data can help quickly and safely identify potential chemical hazards in the process industry. It gives an experimental knowledge of the rates of temperature and pressure rise during run away reaction.  It also provides relaible energy and gas release rates which can be applied directly to full scale process conditions. 

Where can ARSST data be used?

ARSST data usage can be directly used for most process upser condition like loss of cooling, loss of agitation, fire induced decomposition, accumulation or mischarge of reactants. 

How can the test be performed?

ARSST test can be performed in batch, semi-batch and injection type of reactions. The calorimeter can simulate plant conditions and a test protocol needs to be developed with process knowledgeable person. Contact us at

Can ARSST data help with screening?

ARSST data assists with quickly screening for hazardous chemical reactions and estimates key process safety parameters including 1) vent sizing 2) temperature and pressure rise rate 3) adiabatic temperature rise 4) heat of reaction and 5) time to maximum rate

The data can be used for more than screening and not limited to the following: design and engineering, temperature of no return, vent sizing, 

Can Kaypear do ARSST testing?

Yes. Kaypear can do ARSST testing.

How do I request for testing?

Please sign up/sign in into our website and fill in the form with details. We will get in touch with you for additional information. You can also email us at to know more.

How long will it take for the report?

You should receive the testing report from us in 2-3 days if all process safety information is available.