Process Safety Information

Process Safety Information is the foundation necessary to build a sustainable Risk Based Process Safety program. Process Safety Information can be broadly classified into three categories: Hazard Information, Process Technology, and Equipment (Asset) Specific Information. This debris of process safety information is often not accessible and not curated for easy search & retrieve operation. In addition, incorrect, missing, or outdated data can jeopardize your risk assessment. 

A first step for a robust Process Safety Management program is development, collection, and curation of process safety information. Our staff consultant can perform a gap assessment and work with plant engineers to plug the gaps by development of process safety information. We work with all commercially available simulation software and can provide heat and material balance, process flow diagram, process design basis, and other necessary information. We have expertise in chemical and chemical interaction matrix, chemical and material compatibility chart, and further more deep expertise in reactive hazard chemistry. Our expertise in the area goes beyond developing MSDS and helping you in understanding the hazards of the process. In addition, process technology services include maximum and minimum intended inventory, safe upper & lower limits, red line of P&ID, relief system design and design basis, codes and standards management, safety system documentation, and provide technical stewardship for ongoing process changes.