09:00 AM - 05:30 PM | 28 - 30 JUNE 2023 | SAYAJI HOTEL, VADODARA

CHEF Workshop Introduction

1) CHEF is made available through the collaborative efforts of the center for chemical process safety (CCPS) and the European Process Safety centre (EPSC) using the foundational tools donated for global use by the DOW chemical company.

2) CHEF includes an Excel calculation aid to help users understand and utilize the – correlations used to model and evaluate the estimated airborne quantities, vapor dispersions, and explosion over pressures and their impact.

3) These helps the users to help an organization to prioritize its overall process safety risks- a bridge between the qualitative approach and quantitative approach – before it invests in complex, detailed quantitative hazards and risk assessments (e.g., Quantitative Risk Assessments, QRAs).

Workshop Objective

The outcomes of the training are

  • Understand the benefits and usage of RAST / CHEF tool
  • Refresh the fundamentals of chemical hazards
  • Recognizing compliance and safety requirement
  • Knowing when to ask help from a Process Safety Expert
  • Improved process safety program management


Rahul Raman provides PSM consulting services to the Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Petrochemical Industry. As the Principal Engineer of Kaypear Engineering LLP, he helps organization in their Process Safety Journey. He is a Senior AIChE Member and has actively participated and contributed in Center for Chemical Process Safety, Design Institute for Emergency Relief System (DiERS) User Group meetings, and a speaker at domestic and international events. Chair and Co-Chaired sessions for the Plant and Process Safety Symposium at the Global Congress on Process Safety. He teaches the AIChE DiERS Course and is also the contributor for the course. He completed his Master of Chemical Engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and obtained a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from SVCE, Anna University.